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3218-P Pro-Power ™ Vacuum - Aspirator

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The Pro-Power™ Vacuum-Aspirator, is a hospital-tested portable vacuum system which provides an adjustable suction up to 24.5 inHG vacuum.

Included are cleaning tools which help facilitate removal of gross cerumen and debris from hearing aids. Cone-shaped suction tips clear the receiver and microphone ports.

Placement of hearing aids on the standard suction tube helps to complete cleaning by combining suction and vibration.

Baron Suction Tips Cat# 3219-3,3219-5,3219-8 and Fergusson/Frazier Suction Tips Cat# 3220-8,3220-9,3220-10 are available for this Vacuum Pump Aspirator.

The Pro-Power™ Vacuum-Aspirator is available in 110V or 230V versions.

Economical, Easy To Use, Powerful Vacuum

  • Remove cerumen and debris from hearing aids, earmolds and tubing.

  • Cone shaped suction tips for easy insertion into devices.

  • Provides a powerful, adjustable vacuum up to 24.5 inHG.

  • Easy to clean, clear, removable waste receptacle.

  • Easy to read vacuum indicator.

  • Avaialble in 110V or 220V versions.

  • Use as vacuum source for EarView PRO System.

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