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3673-ACR Bellman & Symfon ® Visit Alarm Clock Receiver

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The Bellman® Visit Alarm Clock is an excellent choice when you need to have a very clear wake up signal in the morning and when you need to be aware of; there is a signal at the door, the telephone is ringing, the baby is crying or the smoke alarm has been set activated.

The Bellman® Visit Alarm Clock has some added functionality.

The new Bellman® Visit Alarm Clock includes a radio receiver. When someone presses e.g. the doorbell, the Bellman® Visit Door Transmitter sends a signal to the Bellman® Visit Alarm Clock that awakens and alerts the user. Different color LED indicates the various alarms sources.
(see below for the various Bellman® Visit products)

Power is supplied by an enclosed main power adaptor. Back-up power comes from a NiMH battery (supplied) which powers the alarm clock during main power failure.

  • The clock is white with a red stand and buttons.

  • Powered by a main power cord and a backup NiMH battery (supplied).

  • For use with the Bellman® Visit product line listed below.

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