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3675 Lifetone HL ™ Bedside Fire Alarm & Clock with Bed Shaker

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Using a patented hearing sensor, the Lifetone HL™ Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock continuously monitors the environment for conventional smoke alarms that use the international evacuation T-3 pattern.

When the Lifetone HL™ Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock recognizes the T-3 pattern from a smoke alarm, it activates a 520 Hz square-wave sound alarm, using the international evacuation T-3 pattern (link to hearing test). This alarm uses low and multiple frequencies to awaken individuals with significant moderate to high frequency hearing loss, children and heavy sleepers in a fire emergency.

Lifetone HL™ also functions as an everyday alarm clock using the 520 Hz square-wave sound pattern.

  • Emits a lower frequency 520Hz square-wave sound pattern for up to a 36% higher response rate than standard smoke alarms.

  • Broadcasts alarm up of to 90dB at 3feet.

  • Hears your EXISTING T3 smoke alarms.

  • Battery backup lasts 7 days or more while still providing emergency alarm signals.

  • Alerts to AC power loss and low or no battery.

  • Functions as a standard alarm clock.


  • Two (2) year limited warranty.

  • Compact, Fits virtually anywhere, measuring 8 1/2” L x 5” W x 4” H.

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